Welcome Blogging Buddies!

Image courtesy of Sheelamohan/freedigitalphotos.net

This week students begin corresponding with Blogging Buddies!  We are anxious to see what kids from other schools are learning!  Just a tip for my students to remember to follow these guidelines when posting comments

  1. Comments should be focused on the substance of the post not on the grammar, spelling or capitalization.
  2. Comments should be specific, they should mention the content of the posting (a direct quote would be great!) and focus on extending and developing further the ideas in the blog post.
  3. Both the blogger and the commenter should learn something through the exchange.
  4. Constructive criticism is allowed in a balanced way which pays respect to the strengths of the post.
  5. Comments should be responded to by the blogger.
  6. You may link back to your website so that your buddy can go to your blog.
  7. Do not post your last name or personal information such as phone number or email address.