My Role Model – Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa by Maria Rose Ferron

To me a role model is someone you want to emulate or hope to be like one day.  A role model is also someone who has inspiring actions or words.   I feel that a role model needs to be honest, kind-hearted, humble, and caring.  Mother Teresa has many of these qualities that makes her my inspiration.

First, Mother Teresa was very kind-hearted because she was always thinking of people in need.  Mother Teresa started her life as a nun teaching wealthy girls geography and cathechism. But then, when she saw all the people sick on the streets, she decided to help them instead because that’s what she thought God would do.  Then, Mother Teresa decided to start helping all the poor, sick, and people with diseases even if it meant she might get sick, she knew it was right.  After Mother Teresa was working with the poor and sick for a while, lots of people started to join her.  That is what I want to do in my life.  Also, Mother Teresa complimented people.


After that, Mother Teresa was determined to help as many poor and homeless people as possible.  She was always thinking of the many people in need.  Everyone said about her “either move out of her way or help the poor.”  They said that because she was always helping the poor and she wouldn’t let anyone or anything get in her way.  She never cared about herself getting sick, all she cared about was the people in need.  The reason why I want to be like Mother Teresa is because I want to make a difference in people’s lives just like she did.  Also, I want to be like her because she was always thinking of others.


Mother Teresa was very ambitious because she never rested until all of her patients were comforted because she saw the face of Jesus in all of them.  God talked to Mother Teresa a lot.  Once when she was on a train she heard God say to her, “get off the train and help the people in need.” So she did. She would always obey God’s orders.  Whenever a person came up to her to ask for help she would help them with anything like if they needed food, care, or help with anything she was always there.  That is another reason why I want to be like Mother Teresa.


Mother Teresa is very worthy of imitation.  Every day of Mother Teresa’s life since she became a nun, she was working with people.  Mother Teresa served the poorest of the poor for over 45 years.  Thanks to Mother Teresa, now there are many places for the homeless, poor, the unwanted, and lots more.  Pope John Paul II said “ Mother Teresa marked the history of our century with courage.  She served all human beings by promoting their  dignity and respect, and made those who had been defeated by life feel the tenderness of God.”  

Mother Teresa is my role model and I hope to be just like her someday.   

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