How To Build A Snowman

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When there’s a snow day and you’re bored, why not go outside and make a snowman? If you’re not sure how to build a snowman read on to find out.
The most important thing you need to make a snowman is wet snow. If you use dry snow it will not pack together. The other materials are: a hat, a carrot, some small rocks, two sticks, and a scarf.
To begin making the snowman take a little bit of wet snow and pack it into a snowball. Second, put the snowball in the snow and roll it, also rotate it so it’s even on all sides. You should make this one the biggest. Next you do the same thing but make a medium and a small snowball. After that you pile the snowballs on top of each other in order from the biggest to the smallest. The snowballs should stay together and not fall down. Then you put on two rocks for the eyes, five for the mouth, and six rocks for the buttons. Put three buttons on the middle snowball and three on the bottom. Next take the two sticks and put them on the sides of the medium snowball for the arms. After that put on the hat and scarf. Finally put the carrot on for the nose. Your snowman should look great! Now the snow in your yard has become a snowman and you have found something to do on a snow day.

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  1. Wow! That is a cool explanation. I know how to make a snowman, but I would have never been able to explain how to like you did.

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