No Horsing Around!

The following slide show was created in Animoto and then it was embedded in my blog.  Animoto is a really cool tool that you can use to create quick slide shows that automatically add transitions.  You can choose music and other settings as well if you choose.  I thought I would share one of my favorites that I created of the Equestrian Team having fun!  Enjoy the show!

Create your own video slideshow at

Digital Design 7 Self Portraits

Digital Design 7 students created their self portrait in  ArtRage!  We then took these and put them in a photostream in Flickr then embedded it on our blog.  Students in Digital Design 7 are just beginning their individual blogs and learning all about photography.  They will be adding their artwork to their blogs! Watch these students’ blogs blossom and always feel free to leave a comment!  7th grade blogs are located on the right sidebar.

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

This week in my teacher challenge I learned that it is important to spice up your post with a picture.   I thought I would try the same idea of posting 1 picture and having my students and online visitors describe the picture in 5 words or less.  I am gathering this data in a Google Form (creating a Google Form was new to me, so I wanted to learn how to do this too).   I used to change the size of the image (width = 500 pixels, height = 375 pixels, resolution = 100) then I licensed my picture by uploading it to flickr – for this picture I chose to embed the small size from flickr.  If you do not want your picture licensed then you can directly upload it in your blog post.  In addition, I got some great tips that I wanted to share with my students by Murcha.   My students  also need to follow these guidelines – If you are using pictures of people, do not include their names, and make sure there is more than 3 people in each picture.  Also remember to get their permission 🙂

Quick Tips By Murcha :

  1. Use original images or photos where possible
  2. If using online images, ensure you follow creative commons requirements (Flickr Creative Commons)
  3. Remember images may need to be resized for online use
  4. Make sure the file extension is  jpg or png not bmp. bmp is too large for online use.
  5. A good image size in blogs is 500 pixels wide by 375 pixels high.
  6. Search for online converters or if you use a PC, try downloading irfanview (a personal favourite). This free tool allows many editing functions.

Here is my picture… Can you give it 5 words?

Fill out the survey below the picture then

  Click Here to see what other people have said!

000_0268 (3)

Tips to Making a Good Blog Post

While I was working in my teacher challenge I came across this post by  pmniewman I thought my students would like to try the puzzle that pmniewman created!    Give it a try while learning something new!

Do you want to write a really great blog that people will love to read? 

Just put the pieces of the jigsaw together and YOU can solve the puzzle of how to write an effective blog.  Note: He made the graphics for the puzzle at and the puzzles at Jigsaw Planet and Jigzone.


preview20 pieceEffective blogs

Student Sample – A Walk Through the Park

Digital Design 8 Students – Below is a sample of what your animation of your playground on your blog should include – (1.  Writing, 2. Link to uploaded .avi file, 3.  embedded file linking to Vimeo upload)

My last project in Google Sketchup was to design a park. It could be any kind of park really. I needed to demonstrate that I could download 5 or more component created by others and then build some kind of structure to attach these to. These are the components that I downloaded: (list these here – Ie. Playground by Sketchosaurus, etc…, These are the components that I built: (list these here). I then needed to create an animation in SketchUp and export it as a movie. I hope you enjoy it!

Playground by Sketchosaurus

Sample of SketchUp Project – Just a Walk In the Park from Renee Jorae on Vimeo.

Never Stop Learning!

3717759677_4a520a1dbb_sAs a teacher I am always learning new things!    This past September, my students entered in the Edublog’s Student Blog Challenge however, since I was just learning too and my elementary students only meet with me once a week we are not though all of it yet.  Well, to help me be better at blogging I have now signed up to participate in a Teacher Blog Challenge!  Thus, some of my posts will relate to my class and show what I am doing with my students!  It is my hope that other teachers will help me to become a better blogger thus helping me to become a better teacher! As part of my Teacher Challenge I wanted to show off some of the things that YOU, my students, are doing:

  • 4th grade – created holiday Voki’s then I posted them on a page for all to view. To create your own Voki click here.
  • 5th and 6th grade – creating blog posts and commenting
  • 7th grade Digital Design Class – in the process of creating their own blog and then will be posting their work.  The first project is in ArtRage. To see what ArtRage can do click here and download the DEMO.
  • 8th grade Digital Design Class – created a blog, adding posts, commenting on others, adding their Google SketchUp projects on their blog.  In this course we have awards each week that students can earn.  We encourage people from all over the world to visit our blogs and vote each week and comment on what you see! (look for the award winning blogs in 8th grade – they have an award badge on their page) To try Google Sketch, click here to download the DEMO.

In addition to learning how to blog, I am also learning SketchUp, Scratch, Twitter, Skype, Google Chat, and I got a new Android phone!   I am especially thankful to all of my students who are always challenging me to learn more!  Learning is so much fun!

Photo courtesy of Flickr and Tony Netone

Jan 7 – VOTE TODAY – Best Digital Design 8 Blogs

first place award

Click on the tab above that says, “VOTE HERE!”.  Vote for your favorite blogs and Sketchup Projects in Mrs. Jorae’s class every week!  The voting is every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so come back every week and vote!  The students earn badges that they can proudly display on their blog! The LINKS to view our class blogs are located on the right sidebar!


This weeks awards are:


Digital Design Award Winning Blog for the week January 3 – January 7  (Overall Best Blog for Layout and Design)
Digital Design Award Winning Blog for the week of January 3 – January 7 (Overall Best Blog Postings for Interesting Stories and Writing)

Digital Design Award Winning SketchUp Project for the week of January 3 – January 7 (Overall Coolest Independent SketchUp project embedded in your blog) 
Digital Design Award Winning Advanced SketchUp Project for the week of January 3 – January 7 (Overall Coolest Independent Advanced SketchUp project embedded in your blog) 


SketchUp Contest Every Friday Starting February 7! Come Back and Vote!

This is my first project using Google SketchUp 8. Which is really pretty basic.  If you want to see some really cool, creative SketchUp projects go to the Digital Design 8 Blogs over the next 8 weeks and watch what they can do!  Also, every Friday we host our very own little contest so stop by this blog each Friday and cast your votes for your favorite blogs, posts, and Sketchup Projects!

Along for the Ride

IMG_0109sm_Lomoart_1Students from all schools participate in the Homecoming Parade.  In this picture St. Joesph Elementary students are riding on a wagon behind a truck.  It sure beat walking for a half mile to the courthouse!

Picture By R. Jorae (To create this effect I used to reduce the image size to 5 pixels wide and the resolution I made 100, however any image editing program can change the image size and resolution.  I then saved it and opened it in .  Both programs have some really cool effects to try.  Remember that if you are using pictures of people on your blog, the people are in groups and you are not providing their names on the photo or in the upload name)

What Is Your Favorite Season?

Since so many students want to create surveys or polls I thought I would try this simple one to see if it works.  I created it using  Let me know your thoughts.