Student Blog Challenge #2

  1. Create an Avatar for your comments – Use the ArtRage picture you created of yourself  last year or create another one.  The size of the Avatar needs to be 97 pixels by 97 pixels.
  2. Writing Idea – When do you think it is appropriate for kids to use real photos of themselves on their blogs and why? Andrea wrote a great response in March this year.
  3. Ignite to Write – Visit this website and leave a comment on the topic posted.  Look at the other topics to write about at Ignite to Write.  Comment below letting me know if their is a writing topic that you would like to see us use on our blog.
  4. Create a Voki Visit this website and have the Voki talk about a place you would love to visit. Give at least three reasons why. Try to use an appropriate background for the Voki relating to that place. Don’t actually tell us the place eg Egypt, let your readers guess from the information you mention.

Student Blog Challenge #1

  1. Update your profile – change your password.  Under the “Info About Me”  come up with at least 5 descriptive words to describe your character or personality.
  2. Nuts and Bolts of Blogs – Learn all about Categories,Post Tags, and the difference between Draft and Submit.  Leave a comment here about what a well written post looks like.
  3. Guidelines – What do you think should be some guidelines we follow when we post to our blog or others?  Leave a comment here.
  4. Think about something important you have learned outside of school – remember we should all be life long learners not just learners while at school. How did you learn it? Why is it important to you? Who or what taught you about it? How has this learning helped you in your life? Create a post to share.

Enjoyable Books

I love technology and I enjoy a good book!  People often ask me if all I ever do is sit in front of my computer;  so here is the long awaited answer….. No, I need balance in my life.  I enjoy walking, spending my time with my family, taking pictures, and I enjoy sitting down to read a good book in my cozy recliner wrapped in a blanket.  One of my all time favorite books is Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls.  What is your favorite book and why do you enjoy it?

Welcome Blog Challenge Friends

234942843_d6928c56cbWelcome everyone visiting this blog through the Blog Challenge.  We are a grades 5 and 6 from St. Johns, Michigan, USA.  Mrs. Jorae is our computer teacher and she works with our classroom teachers; Mrs. Carn, Mrs Snyder, and Mrs. Zielinski. We are looking forward to making contact with as many different people from around the world as we can.

We use this blog on a weekly basis to communicate our ideas and opinions, share work, websites and to communicate with other kids!

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